Poi Dog Ukulele & Guitar
Late in 2010 because of a decline in luitheres on the Big Island McLaren Woodworks decided to start a new branch. Poi Dog Ukulele uses only the best musical grade Koa and Mango to build beautiful Ukulele and Archtop Guitars, both are available in acustic or electric/acustic. All of our instruments are hand made; we use a state of the art two headed laser for inlay work. We want our inlay Abalone and shell work to be perfect everytime. All of our instruments are 100% made here on the Hamakua coast of the Big Island.

Carved Body Acoustic Guitar

2016 was the start of our fully carved acoustic Guitars. This was an instantaneous success. What more would one ask for, a beautiful Koa or mango acoustic guitar built for the rigors of a working musician?
This guitar is built from the ground up from a solid block of wood, all bracing and such are carved in to the actual guitar body making for a very strong acoustic/electric guitar……………Its all very beautiful with curves instead of the old style flat panels and side.


Carved Body Acoustic Ukulele

2016. Because of the fantastic response to our Acoustic carved body Guitars we started work on a Tenor Ukulele built using the same curved carved body approach. This to was a great success. With its sleek curved form, it looks like it belongs in this century. We added a good pickup for stage us………….