Client Testimonials
The following are some very-solicited comments from our clients. We only put the good buggers on this page, Anything bad we sent to our conpetiters


Hey Bruddha this is da meanist ukulele builder on da Hamakua Coast. Guess he da meanist cause he's da only one bro.

peter mclaren -


Peter spends lot's of quality time in his workshop office.Don't know what he does as there isnt too much sawdust coming out of the workshop. guess i should never of got him that 60 inch LCD TV with the playboy channel!

Peters better half -


My dad makes really good ukulele and Guitars,i only wish he could play them, even the cat has left home. I think he left, not sure as we had chinese chicken stirfry the night he left.

Tracy McLaren -


Peter offered me an Archtop Guitar FREE if i wrote this testical for him, that was a few yrs. ago. The progress photos were on film but as time went bye he has changed to digital.

Peters Best Friend -